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Lighting for architecture
By Editorial Staff -
Simes has participated in the project
The team of project and lighting designers work exceptionally hard to attain an ideal combination of cutting-edge technology, performance and elegant, sophisticated design. Investment in R&D underscored the use of LEDs in external lighting, boosting the quality of existing products and opening up exciting new options. The company emphasises the need to create lights than can stand up to the elements over time, especially those intended for harsher areas (about 90% of cases), such as heavily polluted zones, seaside and sunny towns or places prone to extreme weather. On the other side, Simes also works with designers to ensure its products can draw out the best in the architecture and the surrounds. For example, the Parco della Musica auditorium in Florence, designed by the ABDR architectural practice, combines pathways and external volumes, and was recently fitted out with Simes’s products. The lamp posts blend in with the building, providing good quality, uniform light for the ground floor, open areas and pathways. Perhaps the highlight is the back-lit façade, where light merges with the texture of the materials in an elegant interplay of transparency. Mussotto d’Alba is a district of Alba in northern Italy and here, in the Church of the Transfiguration, Studio Archicura has used Simes’s lights to create a sculptural effect. At night, light produced by hanging fittings seeps out from inside the building. The company’s products are often chosen for seaside settings. In Thessaloniki, Simes was involved in Arata Isozaki’s design for the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, where lighting plays a key role in the interplay between architectural volumes and the landscape. The lighting devices are diverse but orderly with symmetrical shapes dominating, making them seem like technological extensions of the building and finishings. In Copenhagen, Simes provided the lighting for the exterior of the Blue Planet Aquarium, designed by 3XN. The project, infused with organic shapes, includes cladding in small diamond spotted aluminium sheets, mirroring the colours of the water and the sky. The Simes devices light up both the external pathways and the façade, highlighting the changing textures.

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