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Light, Shadow and Solar Protection

Light, Shadow and Solar Protection
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Sunbreakers are an essential component regulating the amount of light and heat entering a building, especially in climates with dramatic seasonal temperature differences. As well as their practical use, sunbreaker systems can also be a distinctive aesthetic addition to a façade, producing varying nuances of colour with the contrast of light and shadow.
NACO adjustable sunbreakers filter the light entering interiors, helping to regulate the indoor temperature at all times of the day. The blades retain about 80% of the sun’s heat with consequent savings of up to 30% in air-conditioning energy consumption. The various models all have aluminium blades while frames can be either aluminium or zinc-plated or lacquered steel. The use of high-resistance light alloys ensures full waterproofing and the whole structure is certified against wind loads of up to 120 km an hour. There are various kinds of blade adjustment controls: a manually operated friction mechanism, mechanical or electrical remote-control or electronic operation. Blades can be mounted either vertically or horizontally by way of roofing or as a canopy.
NACO has also developed the AirLux model, a sunbreaker system comprising a single perforated blade. The amount of irradiation allowed to penetrate is proportional to the size and spacing of the perforations on the blade. Different hole size and spacing will provide different degrees of light and shadow.

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