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Light Control - Light management and control solutions

Light Control - Light management and control solutions
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Light Control is Vimar’s latest offering to manage and control light, consisting of a series of LED lights and universal dimmers. The range was designed to combine comfort and energy savings, while ensuring compatibility with any lighting system and offering installation flexibility. The new Vimar lights use LED technology with panel backlighting to provide uniform, energy-saving lighting. The universal dimmers make it possible to control light intensity at source, reducing consumption and lengthening lifespan (every 5% reduction in intensity doubles the lifespan of the light). These devices can also be controlled from the automation touchscreens, further helping to optimise the energy profile of a house, especially as the Energy Guard function makes it possible to monitor consumption. Such information can be used to determine when to turn lights on or off and to regulate their intensity. Light Control also makes the lights an integral part of the furnishings, particular because of the addition of the latest light models, i.e. traditional white and RGB, and the colour functions of the RGB and Fading Show dimmers, which can be used in intuitive mode. The colour effects can be controlled from the stand-alone device or the touchscreen, bringing life to a room or creating an elegant, comfortable setting. When the RGB and Fading Show dimmers are part of a By-me automation system, specific light and colour combinations can be produced - potentially linked to the music one is listening to - to make any room ideal for any occasion. These new universal dimmers can be used with all types of light sources - old-style incandescent bulbs, LEDs, dimmable compact fluorescent bulbs, halogens and LED strips - and in existing installations in numerous types of structures. Both the universal dimmers and lights can be used with the Eikon Evo, Eikon, Arké and Plana series.


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