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Laufen pro by Laufen
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New products include compact washbasins, WCs and bidets as well as WCs with an increased level of comfort. Laufen has thus expanded its comprehensive bathroom range, which offers the perfect solution for any type of bathroom space or intergenerational needs. Thanks to our new range of furniture and faucets, it is now also possible to realise complete bathrooms with a consistent style.
Practically every bathroom-planning project must take into account particular spatial angles and a given budget – Laufen pro ensures that design and quality do not suffer due to these considerations. Even before this most recent expansion, the series, with its timeless lines (designed by Peter Wirz, Process Design, Lucerne), was unusually broad: Nearly 30 washbasins and virtually all types of WCs, bidets and bathtubs cover all areas of bathroom planning. In order to meet the needs of an even wider range of applications Laufen has added to the program a built-in washbasin, two small washbasins and two washbasins with compact dimensions and a revised design. Since every inch of usable space counts in bathrooms with compact layouts, a new wall-hung washdown WC and a wall bidet, both with reduced projection, are now a part of the Laufen pro product range. A visual highlight is the shape of these two space savers: Their ceramic bodies are closed, without any joints and recesses, and the fixture is concealed. This greatly simplifies the cleaning of the ceramic surfaces as there are no hard to reach niches in which dirt could accumulate. A closed WC flushing rim ensures greater hygiene.
With a floorstanding WC combination with seat height of 460 mm and a floorstanding WC without cistern with a seat height of 450 mm, two new comfortable WCs with a raised seating surface are available, facilitating sitting down and standing up for persons with special needs.
Under the label "Laufen pro liberty" in addition to a wheelchair accessible washbasin, which was awarded the Universal Design Award 2011 and the Universal Design Consumer Favorite 2011, another WC is now available for intergenerational bathroom planning. The wall-hung washdown WC with greater projection according to DIN 1840 and SIA 521 500 measures 700 x 460 mm and can be easily cleaned thanks to the closed flushing rim. It is especially suited for people who are dependent on a wheelchair.
Also new is a separate program for Laufen pro, offering excellent value and versatile, robust and highly functional solutions for various room situations. Eight washbasin vanity units, a medium and tall cabinet in a clean, timeless design exude an air of order and clarity, whilst providing plenty of storage space in the bathroom. A common design and functional feature of the furniture is an integrated handle – a convenient element that was previously only to be found on much more expensive designer furniture. The drawers of the vanity unit also provide a new exclusive feature: A siphon which dispenses with siphon cut-outs in the drawers of the vanity units to save storage space.
A new faucet series completes the Laufen pro bathroom range. Citypro was developed specifically for Laufen pro and plays with simple geometric shapes, which are combined with a beautiful, smooth lever. The faucets are single-lever mixers and wall outlets for washbasins, washbasin bowls, bidets, bathtubs and showers in various models.
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