Large Windows to Break Down Boundaries
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Large Windows to Break Down Boundaries

Sunlight Bioclimatic Winter Garden

Large Windows to Break Down Boundaries
By Editorial Staff -
KE Protezioni Solari has participated in the project

The Sunlight range is KE’s answer to the challenge of creating an environment where the sky is the ceiling and nature is the outline. Designed to reimagine outdoor space by taking the concept of osmosis with the landscape to its extreme, KE’s proposals break down the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. 
Sunlight Bioclimatic Winter Gardens are made of space-saving, load-bearing metal elements flanked by large transparent areas, both in the roof and in the walls, allowing a 360-degree view of the outdoors. In particular, the roof is made of 10 mm laminated glass, available in a transparent or matte white finish, supported by thermo-varnished aluminum or stainless steel frames. The innovative surface treatment of the metal profiles helps them maintain optimum performance and resist corrosion over time. Designed to ensure high performance even in adverse weather conditions, the Sunlight range features excellent sealing so even when the weather really turns, it easily withstands high winds and it is also certified for snow loads, turning it into a space that can be used any time of the year. For rain, however, it is the presence of a frontal runoff system built into the structure that prevents moisture from getting inside the space. 
Several types of closures, including Line Glass sliding doors and Vertika Sunlight vertical blinds, can be integrated into the glass room structure. The variety of fabrics available (transparent, filtering and opaque) guarantees that the customer can always obtain the desired level of screening, such that the product can be customized to meet different needs, transforming the surrounding space into a spectacle to be contemplated throughout the seasons. 

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