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By Editorial Staff -
The technological partnership with Breton S.p.A. - the world leader in the production of machines and plants for processing stone and natural engineered stone products that developed both the exclusive technology and plant - has allowed us to create an innovative, project ready, ceramic based product with very good technical properties and design appeal.
Lapitec® is a green product throughout: from production to processing, transformation and end product. Lapitec® does not contain any raw material obtained through petroleum processing. Lapitec® is completely inert and does not release any substance into the environment. When scrapped it is milled to be recycled as an aggregate or can be simply disposed in normal waste treatment plants for treating inert waste products.
Lapitec® used for cladding ventilated façades offers improved thermal insulation compared to other cladding products on the market.
Lapitec S.p.A, coherent with an environmentally sustainable “Green” policy has decided to use renewable energy sources for production. In fact photovoltaic panels are installed on the roofs of the 13,000 m2 of premises.
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