A lakeside haven for family gatherings
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A lakeside haven for family gatherings

Surrounded by nature, this residence in Indiana draws inspiration from the rustic charm of English cottages

Of Place Studio

A lakeside haven for family gatherings
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Nestled on the shores of Lake Maxinkukee in Culver, Indiana, a residence emerges as an harmonious place where art, family, and nature merge, creating a welcoming space for three generations to come together during the holidays. Drawing inspiration from English cottages while infusing a contemporary touch, Of Place Studio has crafted an interior design with a family narrative that pays homage to the surrounding natural landscape.

Lakehouse - Of Place Studio © Nicole Franzen, courtesy Of Place Studio


An English Cottage on an Indiana Lake

Strategically located halfway between Chicago and Indianapolis, Culver is a little town sourrounded by nature, overlooking on one side the shores of Lake Maxinkukee and sprawling farmlands on the other. In this idyllic holiday retreat, the homeowners commissioned designers to create a lakeside home with ample space to accommodate their entire family.

A pivotal aspect of the project was to instill a warm atmosphere, as Amy Knerr, founder of Of Place, explains, "We wanted the house to feel welcoming and cozy, relaxed but still sophisticated. For example, we wanted the bar to feel antique, like something pulled out of an old English pub". The house seamlessly combines vintage pieces with modern design elements. Guided by the eclectic taste of the homeowner, an artist with a whimsical sense of design, every detail reflects an ambiance wrapped in artistry.

The building harmoniously integrates into the surrounding landscape. Centennial trees, preserved for their elegance and contribution to outdoor aesthetics, frame panoramic views of the lake. Interior spaces are organized to provide the hospitality desired by the homeowners, who gather here with their extended family for dinners and gatherings hosting over thirty people. The living area epitomizes the open-space concept, with a single expansive environment encompassing the dining room, living room, bar, and kitchen.

Lakehouse - Of Place Studio © Nicole Franzen, courtesy Of Place Studio


Colors and Materials Inspired by the nature

The color palette reflects the beauty of the surrounding nature, featuring neutral base tones with pops of vibrant blues, yellows, pinks, oranges, and reds — echoing the water and the marvelous sunsets over the lake.

The material choices are equally evocative, such as the use of Zellige, Moroccan handmade ceramics, in the kitchen, displaying various shades of blue, or the Calacatta Crema marble with warm golden tones and rust markings. To ensure spaces were both cozy and functional, materials were selected for practicality and resistance to stains. Examples include outdoor fabrics used indoors, leather elements designed to acquire character over time, and teak wood counter stools around the kitchen island.

Wood dominates the entire house, from the floors and furnishings to the exposed beams on the ceilings. The presence of light oak adds a touch of warmth and authenticity, especially in the kitchen where it wraps all elements, cleverly concealing a door leading to a second service area. The cabinets, reminiscent of traditional planked style, recreates the rustic charm of English cottages, embodying the overall project's inspirational image.


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Location: Culver, Indiana, USA
Completion: 2023
Client: Private
Interior Design: Of Place Studio
Stylist: Brittany Albert

Photography by Nicole Franzen, courtesy Of Place Studio


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