Kitchen Collection 2010 by Zucchetti
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Kitchen Collection 2010 by Zucchetti

Kitchen Collection 2010 by Zucchetti
By Editorial Staff -
Today, more than ever before, the contemporary kitchen ambience is the stage of our day-to-day living. A convivial space for sharing, a place in which to rediscover the joy of cooking through harmonious and ergonomic furniture and equipment.
To this domestic ambience – currently undergoing a significant evolution – Zucchetti has dedicated unique and innovative collections, which lend the place character and design, detail and architectural personality.
Proposing new finishes, studied to suit every type of kitchen:
- White lacquer, for an elegant, essential, luminous living area
- Sky lacquer, for a young, informal, modern kitchen - Black lacquer, for a design-oriented, refined, trendy ambience
- Madras red lacquer, for an important, sophisticated, original kitchen
- Gold, for a sumptuous, luxurious, unique living space
- Ruthenium, for an exclusive, upmarket, sophisticated space.
Innovative colours and textures reaffirm Zucchetti’s collections as protagonists of contemporary lifestyle.
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