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Kinesit The Office Chair meets designers


Kinesit The Office  Chair  meets  designers
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A year after its presentation in Cologne at the Orgatec trade show where it won the “Innovationspreis Architektur und Office” award, the Kinesit office chair by Arper continues to reap honours. As well as the IF Gold Award 2015, Kinesit also received the Best Furniture Design prize in the Azure AZ Awards. 

Putting itself on the line and agreeing to face searching questions from potential buyers, users and also promoters of the Kinesit, Arper developed and organised, in collaboration with THE PLAN, a searching Product Test with professional designer firms. More than 40 professionals attended. Each received an example of the office chair to try and test for comfort, potential and aesthetic good looks. Allowing professionals a close-up examination of a product in a collaborative, mutually stimulating exercise was a novel way of getting feedback - be it praise, criticism or suggestions.

Opinions confirmed the innovative informal design excellence of the Kinesit, whose unencumbered, less conventional approach moves away from the traditional office chair concept. The fact that all control buttons and technical wizardry remain off-sight was much appreciated by designers, who underlined the originality of the design as one of the key strengths of the chair. Equally appreciated was the possibility of customising the product, and its wide range of models. The consensus was that no one model was better than the other but that preference would depend on personal taste, user requirement and the type of office. As a result, the possibility of choosing between different heights, back finishes and bases was much appreciated. This versatility also broadened the Kinesit’s market segment, which, in the opinion of the designers, reached beyond its obvious place in a company or home office to include conference and hospitality settings. Flexibility was also considered important given the general flexibility of workstations today. Top marks too were given to the product for its comfort and ability to blend technology and design.

The Product Test was an important opportunity for Arper to gather opinions and suggestions from professionals about their expectations regarding the information and collaboration offered by the company. The initiative was enthusiastically received by participants, whose contributions will spur Arper to pursue its research into essential avant-garde design.



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