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Kinesit - Developing Technology
By Editorial Staff -
Arper has participated in the project

The Kinesit office chair is perfectly in line with Arper’s “Soft Tech”. Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, it looks simple and lightweight, but conceals mechanisms that ensure it meets current technical requirements and regulations. This “invisible technology” approach is coupled with ensuring all the technology used improves functionality and user comfort without detracting from the minimalist aesthetics.  

The chair is highly technology, providing optimal comfort as the shape embraces the user’s body. The controls for regulating the height are concealed under the seat, and a synchronized self-weighting mechanism adjusts to the user’s weight and pressure to balance backrest inclination. The backrest also has a special, adjustable support for the lower back. 

Kinesit comes with backrests in three different heights and offers various configurations, with or without armrests. The newest model has an adjustable armrest (2D movement). 

The chair comes with all the normal trimmings of an office chair, but it can also be customised to specific tastes and needs, using leather or fabric, a wide colour palette and Arper finishings. All in all, Kinesit is a very versatile chair that can serve different purposes.



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