Khroma + Urban a Brightly Cosmopolitan Bathroom
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Khroma + Urban a Brightly Cosmopolitan Bathroom

Khroma + Urban a Brightly Cosmopolitan Bathroom
By Redazione The Plan -
Roca has participated in the project

Roca’s new bathroom collection Khroma, designed by Vincent Gregoire, uses bold bright colour to create a place of personality, not just utility, a pleasant place to linger in, where intense colour contrasts with the pure white of the ceramics.
Passion Red, Oxygen Blue, Silver Grey and Street Grey are the colours chosen for the collection which covers the full range: toilet bowl and bidet, floor- or wall-mounted; 5 kinds of washbasin (three wall-mounted on a pedestal or semi-pedestal, and two in console, central or asymmetrical); as well as a broad range of coordinated cabinets and furnishings.
Attention to look combines with the quest for comfort: loo and bidet seats are in Roca Soft Texture, a soft, warm, durable material in strengthened polyurethane specially designed for bathroom surfaces. The washbasin console is formed of a bright white lacquered wall panel and a coloured top, available in 100 and 135 cm versions. The collection also contains the Khromaclin washbasin system which incorporates basin, bidet and dryer in one unit.
Another Roca novelty is Urban, a washbasin with a unique touch of originality in its fringe of decoration showing city scenes from all over the world.

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