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AN Integrated system FOR retaining wallS

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By Editorial Staff -
Consorzio AMP has participated in the project

Pavesmac, Micheletto and Antolini are three leading Italian firms in the outdoor floor and stone industry, and they are also linked by high quality, reliable products, experience and an ability to integrate innovation and tradition. Despite being located in three different Italian regions (Piedmont, Veneto and Umbria, in that order), they have decades under their belts in the stone and concrete industry, with an array of options for floors and retaining walls, including patented solutions. They each provide a comprehensive service, from project selection to installation, leveraging their experience and the professional skills of their workers to guarantee everything is up to scratch.

In addition to their BIG format paving solution, Pavesmac, Micheletto and Antolini have also teamed up to make and sell the Keystone system for retaining walls, using their individual manufacturing networks to cover the entire nation.

Keystone is a cheap, simple and rapid solution to create supporting and retaining walls that are both sturdy and aesthetically appealing, providing a genuine alternative to more traditional options such as on-site casting, gabions, wooden sleepers or concrete slabs.

The Keystone blocks are available in grey, yellow and hazelnut, and are light (33 kg per unit) and easy to position. Installation is done using a dry-wall approach based on special fiberglass pins that connect the blocks, with granular quarry material then used to fill the empty spaces to improve stability and drainage. In cases where the design calls for increased stability, geogrids can be added.

The Keystone solution can be used to create anything from garden walls to highway embankments, with the maximum height between
15 and 20 m. Walls can be linear or curving, both inwards and outwards, and lighting can be incorporated into designs to produce alluring light and dark effects.

The static resistance of the block-pin-geogrid solution is certified by the Keystone Retaining Wall System firm, which conducts its testing at American university laboratories.

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