Ketho - Furnishing bathrooms to live in
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Ketho - Furnishing bathrooms to live in

Ketho - Furnishing bathrooms to live in
By Editorial Staff -

Today’s bathrooms are tending to become real rest rooms, places to relax in with furnishings as carefully chosen as elsewhere in the home. With this in mind, Duravit engaged designer Christian Werner to create a new series of bathroom furniture: ‘Kethos’. He has produced a complete range, 44 compact, sleek, rectangular units with a special note of subtlety conferred by the 1.6 cm filigree border. Recessed aluminium hand-holds run across the cabinet face at rhythmic intervals, the hand position convenient from above or below. These recesses run vertically in the tall cabinets. Ketho ranges from a small wall shelf to mobile storage units and capacious practical cabinets, tall or low.
Ketho means strength and durability: the furniture has a protective melamine resin coating and comes in four colours: white, basalt, graphite and garnet red. All units have bonded waterproof edges and the SoftClose shutting function. Illuminated mirrors and mirror cabinets are splash-proof and can be fitted right next to bathtubs and showers - a great space-saver.


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