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By Editorial Staff -

Mapei has turned 80 and Cersaie has been the perfect occasion to take stock of the Group’s activities and reiterate its commitment to environmental sustainability. The Company has always taken great care to safeguard the environment and invests heavily in R&D activities to develop eco-sustainable products specifically created to have less impact on the environment. This is why Mapei products are formulated with innovative, recycled and ultra-lightweight raw materials, developed to reduce energy consumption and to have very low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and a very high level of durability. The solutions and systems proposed, with improved mechanical characteristics, help increase the life cycle of structures, thereby reducing waste and the consumption of materials and energy for construction work.
In the area dedicated to the display of materials, there has been a presentation of KERAFLEX cementitious adhesives (shown in the photo) and ULTRALITE lightweight adhesives. KERAFLEX is a family of high performance adhesives, a favourite of tilers all around the world for its performance properties when bonding all types of ceramic tiles, stone material and mosaics on innumerable and different types of substrate, both internally and externally. The KERAFLEX family is highly appreciated by tilers for its good workability, its highly thixotropic consistency which enables large format wall tiles to be applied without them slipping and its perfect adhesion, so materials can be applied safely even on ceilings. Apart from the classic version, the family also includes KERAFLEX EASY S1 deformable adhesive for installing large formats over large surface areas, which is also suitable for floors in commercial and industrial environments, KERAFLEX MAXI S1 with very low emission of volatile organic compounds and KERAFLEX MAXI S1 ZERØ, the first ever adhesive with zero climate-change effect: any residual greenhouse gas emissions are offset through the acquisition of certified environmental credits.

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