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Keplero by Targetti
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Perfect strength and staticity of an inground fixture contrasts with the dynamism of a unique optic system that creates numerous luminous effects. The Keplero light can change at any time thanks to its innovative optical system. With Keplero the choice of light effect can happen at any time, even after installation; the patent pending optical system is revolutionary because it has three degrees of freedom and can be configured in different ways. Extraction, transfer and rotation are the three movements that the Keplero optical chamber can perform. Each of them is guided by graded rings which help to identify the orientation of the light beam immediately in the event the movement needs to be replicated on several fixtures in a line.
The four step extraction process makes it possible to modify the beam aperture from soft, flood, medium wide flood and wide flood. Every step is guided and identifies a different beam aperture.
The 2 cm transfer makes it possible to zoom the light emission in or out creating a beam orientation up to 20°. This movement, for lighting vertical surfaces, makes it possible to decide where to attach the light and to set the desired intensity. Zooming out the optical body creates a softer effect leaving the lower parts of the wall in the shade, zooming in the effect will start from the bottom and be more pronounced.
Rotation makes it possible to rotate the beam parallel to the surface to follow any element to be lit irrespective of its shape and position. The locking system is guaranteed for every movement to maintain aim blocking over time.

With 12W the Gimbal version is a real projector with an adjustable optical system up to 40° for maximum flexibility. It is fitted with a special ad hoc LED board made up of 4 chips with acrylic lenses which enhance light emission. The optical system makes it possible to have defined and precise beams with three different beam angles. A 7° beam Super spot version and 30° beam flood versions with round or rectangular sections. Keplero Gimbal will surprise you with its high performance and the clarity of its beams; thanks to its ability to light surfaces as far away as 30 metres such as building facades, church towers and sculptures it can be called a real professional projector. Its high performance, together with an adjustable optical system up to 40° with aim locking system and its installation flexibility make it highly versatile and reliable. The light emission can be customised further by adding the various accessories available.
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