KE Solar Protection a Le Bivouac
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KE Solar Protection a Le Bivouac

KE Solar Protection a Le Bivouac
By Editorial Staff -

In the exclusive setting of Le Bivouac a La Salle (France), a Gallery  system has been installed, a product that thanks to its modularity, easily respond to each and all kind of protections needs.
In order to meet the need of guests to safely enjoy the view and the sun, it has been chosen for this installation a motorized Gallery product, equipped with lateral and frontal drop awnings system, which , if necessary, allow to easily open or close the structure frontally or laterally.
Completely made of aluminum, the structure takes the shape of an arched tunnel or the shape of a roof, equipped with a pvc mobile coverage, which makes it resistant to all weather conditions. The arches are connected and supported by a supporting profile which has the shape of a gutter. Rainwater harvesting is conveyed from the coverage into the gutter profile and discharged to the ground through the columns, with appropriate slots at the base of the same.


Product advantages:

- Customization possibilities

- Wind and water resistance

- Minimum snow load 80 kg/m

- Structure with modules which can be placed side by side

- Measurement, project and installation service through Ke skilled staff

- Dimensions for a single module up to a maximum width of 600cm and proj 400cm

- Side closures

- Three types of coverage: (arch, single flap, double flap)

- Led lightning


Technical features:

Structures in extruded aluminum alloy UNI 6060 formed by pillars of mm120x120 and supporting gutter profiles of mm 196x140, on which the d.40 arch bended profiles are engaged, reinforced with single or double profile, placed in parallel with center distance of about 600 mm between each and attached to the gutter profile through components in aluminum cast.


Project Name: Le Bivouac
Location: La Salle, France
Project: Technical dpt KE
Customer: SARL Bivouac
Coverage area/dimension: 70 m2
Product name/system: MOTORIZED GALLERY
Structure details: dimension 5 mt. x 14 m; color ral copper; pvc darkening covering sheet; equipped with drop awnings Screeny with Crystal fabric.

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