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Laminam has participated in the project

Laminam present two new collections, Kanka and Kotan, co-branded with the Japanese giant TOTO, one of the world leaders in bathroom solutions.

Large surfaces with unprecedented textures, inspired by the shimmering shades of oxidized metals, reminiscent of autumn leaves, and the matt surfaces of raw concrete and water-colour painted, macerated paper. The specialised expertise of LAMINAM, which has revolutionised the works of ceramics by being the first to produce large ceramic slabs, joins forces with TOTO, which has provided the innovative Hydrotect® technology. This is a technique that uses the active cleaning power of titanium dioxide (TiO2) when subjected to photocatalysis, using only sunlight and rainwater, which, when applied on the slabs as a finish, makes it possible to purify the air outdoors; indoors, it gives the slabs antibacterial properties, as well as the ability to get rid of unpleasant smells.

The slabs treated with Hydrotect® are an innovative, eco-compatible type of product able to trigger chemical and biological reactions with a positive impact in terms of fighting bacteria, combating polluting agents and self-cleaning of surfaces and to make a decisive contribution to improving the quality of the environment they are used in. These processes occur without the need for electricity, energy or the renewal of the compounds required to sustain the reaction over time. The slabs treated with Hydrotect®, in addition to the appearance and performance of the ceramic covering material, are also able to drastically cut cleaning and maintenance operations on the surfaces, thus guaranteeing significant money savings, while maintaining the quality and appearance of the architectural elements.



Inspired by the shimmering shades of oxidized metals, the hallmark feature of the Kanka series are the textures, reminiscent of autumn leaves.




With all the minimalist allure of the architectural tradition of Kyoto, the Kotan series is inspired by the matt surfaces of raw concrete.



Technical Characteristics

Size: 1000x3000 mm
Thickness: 5.6 mm


Outdoor coverings

When applied to outdoor coverings, the exclusive Hydrotect® technology is able to guarantee excellent performance, making tiles self-cleaning and antibacterial and purifying the air.
When the light of the UV rays comes into contact with the surface of the outdoor covering and irradiates it, active oxygen is generated, which breaks down all the organic substances and neutralizes the nitrogen oxides. Rainwater then spreads, and thanks to the ultra-water-resistant characteristics of the treated slabs, creates a thin layer that cleans the slabs, removing the dirt previously broken down by the active oxygen.


Indoor coverings

The slabs treated with Hydrotect® can also be used for indoor settings, thanks to the combination of the properties of titanium dioxide with the antibacterial properties of noble metals. In indoor applications, lighting conditions would not be sufficient to guarantee the reaction required to eliminate bacteria, but the addition of the treatment with noble metals gives the slabs antibacterial properties, as well as the ability to get rid of unpleasant smells, even in the complete absence of light and of the photocatalytic effect deriving from the action of the UV rays.



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