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Kalea by Cesar

Kalea by Cesar
By Editorial Staff -
– also available in various sizes – to fit into base units, larders and wall units in an apparently accidental way.
Kalea has a lively and evolved personality that is expressed in very customisable arrangements in terms of shapes and finishes. Notwithstanding the 14mm thickness of its slat-effect doors, they are sturdy because they result from the most recent researches in production techniques. Another special feature is the rough oak finish they come in: this very textured wood type is available matt varnished in 4 low-profile, refined colours or open-pore lacquered in white. The Kalea doors are also available in gloss or silk-effect lacquer in the Cesar colour range. The same oak and lacquer finishes are available for the Trilli open units. Moreover Kalea - thanks to the back panels with their slim, 12 mm shelves - is a programme suitable for harmonious and on-going interaction with the living room. A very wide range of customisation possibilities is available that allows you to create the kitchen most suitable to meet your requirements. An original, emotional feature is created by the frame with a sort of gap that surrounds the entire kitchen: a combination of shades and depths sets off the kitchen cabinets and is produced by putting together two panels that are offset by just 1.4 cm. Lastly, the line is completed by the spectacular Clarion food preparation units with their brushed sheet steel or painted metal structures that can rest on the kitchen base units or stand alone in the centre of the room and are completed by a hob and a bottom shelf where kitchen utensils can be stored.

Distinguishing elements

Door: 14-mm thick, available in matt varnished rough oak wood in four natural shades and in white open-pore lacquer; in gloss and silk-effect lacquer in the Cesar colour range.
Trilli open units: 12 mm thick with variable heights and widths, namely 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 cm. Available in the five rough oak finishes or in the entire range of gloss or silk-effect lacquers.
Clarion food preparation units and tables:
in brushed steel or white or brown varnished metal.
Side panels and shelves:
matching the door finish, 14 mm thick.
with 12 mm shelves.
Chromed aluminium Lexi handle.

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