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Design Freedom and Customization

Kairòs System
By Editorial Staff -
Nesite has participated in the project

Nesite specializes in design raised floors of the highest quality and with its latest collection, the Kairòs system, it has once again pushed the boat out, creating an integrated solution for walls, ceilings and floors that revolutionizes the whole process from concept to design, and creation to installation. The heart of this system is precisely the integrated vision of these three components such that any issues or conflicts automatically dissolve. Achieving this is done through creating a progressive, dynamic interaction between the walls and the claddings until complete interpenetration and complementarity are achieved at all stages of the process. Such a method not only ultimately brings savings in terms of time and cost, but also improves a product, especially the formal clarity. Kairòs uses minimalist, almost invisible profiles such that the points at which the walls insert into the ceiling and floor are concealed.

Sistema Kairòs Courtesy Nesite

This essential elegance of the profiles also extends to the glazed walls that are part of the system, adding an alluring esthetic option that also boosts the visual comfort of an interior environment. Available in single and double-layer safety glass, the glazed walls also improve sound insulation and can be fitted with sliding or hinged doors.

Two options are available for the floor integration: a raised access floor, made with modular panels available in a variety of materials, formats and thicknesses; and a partial access floor, made with a Tetris Floor interlocking system that uses panels with a calcium sulphate core and male-female edging. Both options not only epitomize Kairòs and come in an array of finishings, but can also be fitted with highly efficient radiant thermal systems that provide a rapid installation solution for floor heating and cooling.

Providing the ideal lighting for such a system was one of the key challenges, especially as it was decided that limiting energy consumption through LED lighting was the way to go. The solution was Juno, a solid surface LED panel with a twinned version in tempered glass called Juno Visual, that can even produce multimedia projections on the floor thanks to a video display that can be walked on.

Sistema Kairòs Courtesy Nesite

One of the key innovations for really making indoor environments healthier is the Floora integration, which is a modular system for plants that can be interchanged with raised floor sections to create customized indoor green areas.

The aluminum profiles can be used both with a false-ceiling that is anchored to the ceiling above and with the bracing required for an earthquake-resistant ceiling. Similarly, the ceiling can be used with a radiant heating and cooling system.

Kairòs is truly an integrated system that still offers plenty of design freedom as both the performance and esthetics of the walls, ceilings and floors can be customized.

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