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K82 by Frezza
By Editorial Staff -

The new wall K82, developed from Frezza R&D, is an appropriate response to ever increasing technical and commercial market needs.
The focus of the project during the development was the creation of a functional product with a high level of sound damping, ensuring a discrete presence and customization for each specific working environment. The main star is the double glass version, made with aluminum profiles having a height of 34 mm and a width of 82 mm. The profile can be used with glass panels with a thickness of either 10 mm or 12 mm, while a polycarbonate profile is used as a junction between those glass panels.
The product is available with a wide choice of profile colors and glass characteristics, with several configurations: single glass, double glass or with wood panels. Particular attention has been given to the geometric design, keeping it minimalist while at the same time preserving its mechanical and structural characteristics.



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