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Versatility and dynamism in the kitchen

By Editorial Staff -
Ernestomeda has participated in the project

Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Ernestomeda, the K-Lab kitchen has an informal, dynamic style that merges “cult” elements with contemporary lines and the latest technology. The combination of steel finishings, marble surfaces and wooden elements make this a marriage of textures and colors in which practical and aesthetic considerations co-exist harmoniously.

Quiet elegance is the key to the furnishing accessories in the K-Lab line, including the K-System open-fronted base units, with their brushed metal look that has clear touches of those large metal work benches associated with industrial plants. K-System can come with pull-out fittings, for example drawers, or fixed components, such as shelves. The alternation of solids and voids is central to the design of these kitchens, ensuring no detail is left to chance. Excellent examples of this are the aluminum Nexus inset door handles, available in the “metallix” or lacquered finishes in all the colors in this range, and the Vetrina Show framed doors, in lacquered Titanium aluminum, with a Nordic Oak veneer and transparent diamond glass, concealed hinges and
push-pull opening.

There is also the Surf system of interior modular accessories for drawers, including spice and knife racks, and tin, plastic wrap and capsule holders. These have characteristic removable partitions that increase the design options and make the most specific demands possible. The Cook chopping board, made of Nordic Oak with a special groove to facilitate storage, has removable partitions that make it especially versatile and able to meet numerous requirements.

The final touch is an elegant wine storage area that fits seamlessly into the kitchen and then extends it, turning a kitchen into an ideal space for lovers of fine wine.

Each K-Lab component has been carefully designed to ensure space is optimally used.


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