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Jurassic Brown


Jurassic Brown by Antolini
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Authentic fossils embedded in stone, a material reminiscent of the primordial link between Man and Nature: this is Jurassic Brown, quarried in Spain at 800 meters above sea level and more than 60 kilometres from the coast.
Of sedimentary formation, this quarry is composed of many layers which contain an exceptional concentration of Nerinea fossil, an extinct sea snail of varying colours. A natural phenomenon caused millions of these molluscs to settle in a small area on the sea bed.
The shells, with huge pressure, heat and the passing of millions of years have turned into marble, creating a rare and precious type of limestone. Able to capture the senses and set itself apart, this wonderful natural stone can be shaped and adapted depending on the vision of the designer into different and impactful unique forms.
The miracle of nature through millennia presents itself to us today in all its stunning glory.



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