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Jewel Changi Airport

A luxurious glazed dome

Jewel Changi Airport
By Redazione The Plan -
Mapei has participated in the project

Jewel Changi Airport is a multifunctional structure that interconnects with Changi Airport. It is characterized by a distinctive dome-shaped structure that, using 9,000 glass panels and 18,000 steel beams, has an intricate geometric pattern. Rising ten floors - five aboveground and five basement levels - Jewel Changi Airport abounds with aviation and airport structures and service facilities, including a check-in lobby, sky train access to reach the various airport terminals, a 130-room hotel and a number of shops.

Mapei was actively involved in this ambitious project both through its technical experts providing their know-how and by supplying adhesives and other products for floor and wall cladding. Mortars and adhesives were carefully selected in relation to the weight and quality of the cladding materials - marble, granite, stone slabs, pebbles and tiles - and the ambient conditions, especially since sections of the design are subject to high humidity and dampness. The most spectacular part of this bagel-shaped dome is undoubtedly the indoor forest, rising up to the fifth floor - home to a similarly impressive 13,000 sq. m Canopy Park - where the largest indoor waterfall in the world cascades back down to the ground level. The transparent dome allows the light to reach deep into the structure, exalting the lava stone cladding, which is even used for sections of the various cascades. Visitors can simply enjoy this space or contemplate which of the many shops or restaurants they want to browse through or dine in. Throughout the Jewel and the interconnected Changi Airport, Mapei’s mortars and adhesives played a central role in ensuring the retail and service areas were up to scratch.


Products used:

Keraflex Maxi S1, Keraquick S1, Keraflex, Kerabond T, Elastorapid, Keracolor SF, Kerapoxy, Keracolor FF, Mapesil AC, Isolastic 50, Topcem Pronto, Novoplan 21, Keralastic T, Fugolastic, Primer G, Planicrete 50.

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