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Jasba-Loop by Jasba
By Editorial Staff -
. Just a little anecdote, by the way: due to the great demand, the period of delivery at that time was up to eight months in extreme cases. Up to now, this outstanding competence has been synonymous with the series Jasba-Centino, which has met with great approval both in private and in public areas for good reasons. But there is a time for everything, and according to this motto, the classic is now being replaced by the creation Jasba-Loop. It takes over proven advantages and combines them with numerous new elements. As it is typical of Jasba, the realization was well-founded and market-oriented: partners from the trade and the laying sector, but also interior architects and interior designers were involved in the development. The result is certainly something to be proud of.

Sophisticated colour compositions
The new range comprises 15 colours with high-gloss surface, which conveys brilliance, exclusiveness and luminance. The individual variants intentionally are no “monotonous“ mono-colours but consist of subtly matched nuances only slightly differing from each other, which join together to form a harmonious whole. Moreover, six of the 15 colours in total are available with slip-resistant matt Secura surface (slip-resistance classification R10/B) and thus extend the spectrum of application e.g. to floor surfaces in or in front of showers and other areas in which importance is attached to slip resistance even when wet.

Formats of a special type
In addition to the proven round mosaic with a diameter of 2 cm, the version with a diameter of 1cm is also offered now for the first time, which has a particularly filigree and noble effect. Used in contrasting colour, this variant is also perfectly suitable for pictograms, arrows, letters and other signs.
Both round mosaic formats have one thing in common: the creative advantages resulting from the geometrical form of the circle. They always permit to design coverings full of life and without direction in the positive sense, which are visually and haptically attractive, no matter whether on smaller or larger surfaces. Talking about surfaces: also for the first time, the round mosaic is complemented by 20 x 60 cm wall tiles in matching colours, which perfectly frame the freely selectable part of mosaic surface in the true sense of the word. Another specific advantage is also relevant: with round mosaics, columns, benches and other organic shapes can not only be cladded but “dressed up” - quite in the style of made-to-measure clothing elegantly wrapping around the (building) body.

Forms with that certain something
A further innovation are three decoration elements containing square and round mosaics. The spectrum ranges from a subtly ornamental Leaves Motif to the Random-Mix, which intentionally conveys the impression of randomness, and on to the Triangle: in the latter case, the name already implies that this variant is particularly suitable for the individual design of triangular surfaces.
The range is rounded off by Ocean, a wave-like colour blend composed of the three shades sea-green, aqua-blue and aqua-blue, light, which flow smoothly into each other. This zestful, dynamic version is available as round mosaic with a diameter of 1 cm or 2 cm.

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