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Ivory Jasper

Ivory Jasper
By Editorial Staff -
Antolini has participated in the project

Ivory Jasper by Antolini, a precious, kaleidoscopic stone, appreciated since ancient times by shamans as sacred and powerful, Jasper is able to give any space a feeling of seductive elegance and has the power to transmit the forces of nature to the rooms it adorns.

Versatile and precious for surfaces of great intrinsic perceptive value, Ivory Jasper is perfect for elegant and sophisticated residential rooms, as well as contract, hospitality and retail premises. 

Ivory Jasper is offered by Antolini as part of the Precioustone Collection that combines the timeless seduction of precious stones with the creativity of a company that always astounds with its originality and excellence. This collection is the top of the range in the field of cladding materials. In order to satisfy the most demanding clients, Antolini has selected more than 100 of the most sought-after gems in order to bring all the value of a real jewel to the world of design.



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