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Italo by AEC
By Editorial Staff -

AEC meets the challenge with Italo: a complete range of extremely energy-efficient lighting systems that offer guaranteed sustainability and duration as well as excellent lighting performance.
AEC has always striven to achieve the best quality standards, and with Italo the company has struck a winning price/quality ratio with a “best in class” product stemming from a complex engineering process conducted within its in-house R&D department. This department is run by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the lighting sector, especially with regard to mechanical, lighting and optical design, electrical safety and the use of electronic devices and systems.
The Italo range stems from sophisticated research conducted on forms and light perception, in conformity to the requirements of the most modern smart cities. High-quality light, excellent colour rendering and energy efficiency are but some of the requirements characterising the range. Thanks to optic modules that can be replaced once they reach the end of their life-cycle, the Italo range is “future proof” guaranteed.
The optical systems used can adapt to the most diverse installation conditions, making Italo the best solution for the needs of public administration bodies and all lighting sector professionals. Italo 1, Italo 2 and Italo 3 are versatile solutions offering a wide choice of optics: the same design comes in three different sizes, for a range of luminaires designed for illuminating urban and extra-urban roads subject to intense traffic.
With their blend of functionality and style, Italo 1, Italo 2 and Italo 3 are inspired by the latest contemporary design trends in which the lines evoke the world of high-tech products. The “urban” range is designed for urban furnishing applications, residential areas, parks, squares and city centres.
The urban range features a unique stylistic form based on elegant design stemming from careful research aimed at enhancing the quality of the materials used. Besides the Italo 2 Urban version, the range includes the arm-mounted tp version (Italo 2 Urban TP) and the suspended catenary version for centre-road applications (Italo 2 Urban TS): two alternatives that significantly expand the range's potential by offering extensive installation options.
The entire italo range features the CE and ENEC marks for the european market, and comes with a report and “CB Certificate” recognised worldwide. With Italo, AEC pays tribute to italian expertise and talent by celebrating the value of an authentic italian-made product synonymous with excellence, style and prestige.
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