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Italian tiles - Metropolitan appeal

Italian tiles - Metropolitan appeal
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Ceramics of Italy has participated in the project

In a city, worn, weather-beaten tiles, perhaps with graffiti or printed words, have an undeniable appeal, with an interesting interplay of materials and images. Such inspiration can often be combined with the latest interior design trends for homes, offices and hotels. The tile industry is using cutting-edge technology to manufacture products in line with such trends, producing shapes and colours that allude to sensations and stories that can be combined to fit a completely personal desire for creativity. 

Do Up Street by ABK looks like a brick wall that has been painted white - glossy or matt - or street black matt. The addition of pattern pieces - individual 120x60 cm or four pieces, for a total of 120x240 cm - adds variety that is often ideal for large, unconventional spaces. 

Fioranese’s Urban_Avenue is a homage to industrial design, with porcelain stoneware tiles that recall bricks, with clean lines and unprocessed materials. Two sizes are available and four colour hues, from white to darker, plus a range of shaded, nuanced and graffiti options. 

Murales by Gruppo Del Conca draws inspiration from exposed, sun-baked brick walls. The 10x30 cm tiles come in four non-uniform colours (brown, grey, white and old beige) enhanced by oxidation marks and variegations. The “Writers” option adds a printed letter touch. 

Concrete by Ceramiche Brennero clearly draws on cement, with 5 colours and 16 patterns in natural or lapped versions. It offers a range of sizes, finishings and variants, including the loft option (30x60 cm) in silver or mocha, enriched with variegation and printed letters. One by Caesar merges traditional terracotta with modern concrete to create tiles characterised by the coupling of lines, shapes and colours. Available in six sizes and an equal number of colours, One is both for floors and walls, in businesses or homes. It can also be used outdoors in the Aextra 20 non-slip version. 

Fondovalle’s Action recalls “action painting”, seeking a balance between art, design and crafts. It comes in a dark and a light version, both neutral, in 120x240 and 120x120 cm. It is suited to homes, galleries, art studios, architecture practices and PR offices. Integrazione Word Up by LeonardoCeramica are large ceramic tiles (120x120 and 60x120 cm) designed to exalt the furnishings through a sober, refined style in which colours and patterns play a key role. It comes in almond, beige, cement, moss, black and grey. 

Refin’s Graffiti was born from observing industrial and metropolitan spaces, a collection that reinterprets the hues of unprocessed materials, with nuances from grey to warm, and more definite colours with irregular markings. 

New Orleans by CIR obviously draws on the creative vitality of this American city. The porcelain stoneware comes in four sizes and six colours - neutral and solid - enriched with lively patterns that give the tiles a solid material look. 

Citysound by Panaria looks to another American city, New York, for inspiration, with its pulsating rhythms, cultural richness and architectural wealth. Concrete is central to this collection, in four hues of grey that create a solid, material look. The Murales (300x300 cm) decorations are of iconic images from the city, with printed words and colour additions helping to add to the powerful visual impact.


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