Italian ceramics - Infinite ways to finish an exterior?
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Italian ceramics - Infinite ways to finish an exterior?

Ceramics of Italy

Italian ceramics - Infinite ways to finish an exterior?
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Ceramic tiles provide numerous options for private and public exterior spaces as well as for urban furnishings. The benefits are not only aesthetic - colour, shape and size - but also functional, as the materials provide excellent mechanical performance, and ease and speed of installation. Such flooring can also be constructed so the areas underneath can be inspected or so the entire floor can be repositioned. Plus, of course, any broken tiles can be replaced. Consequently, it is no surprise companies are producing increasing numbers and types of outdoor tiles, in an array of colours that open up numerous design options. Atlas Concorde’s Lastra 20mm comes in a 60x60 cm version inspired by stone, wood and concrete. It also includes numerous trims that are ideal for most pools, gardens and urban furnishings. Cir Industrie Ceramiche’s 19 mm Serenissima range comes in a 60x60 cm version in 20 different hues, opening up nearly limitless options for outdoor areas, pools and urban furnishings. Pietra Valmalenco by COEM draws inspiration from the stone quarried in the Malenco valley. These tiles, with light coloured streaks, come in four colour versions and different sizes. The outdoor option is gresX2, which is 60x60 cm. Emilceramica’s On Square draws inspiration from the square shape and texture of concrete. This 20 mm tile comes in a 60x60 cm version that is well suited to high footfall. La Fabbrica’s I Quarzi comes in four colours and three sizes. The range is complemented by a rich selection of trims and mosaic patterns. The +20 mm version, in the 60x60 cm format, provides an excellent solution for furnishing outdoor areas seamlessly without losing functionality. Gruppo Ceramiche Gardenia Orchidea’s Infinity Stone has 120x120 cm slabs in eight modular shapes that make them ideal for complex designs and large floor areas. The range comes in seven colours and two finishings. Tagina’s Pietra del Mondo has various options up to 82x82 cm, including broken edge options. It comes in five hues for interiors and exteriors. Monocibec’s Major was designed specifically for outdoor areas, pools and wellness zones (indoors or outdoors). At 20 mm thick, these tiles offer real design freedom through an extensive range of trims, corners and grids. Flaviker’s Forward has a 40x80 cm outdoor version that is 20 mm thick. The inspiration came from research into different types of stone - notably quartzite and slate, as the colour schemes clearly show. Finally, Laminam’s I Naturali stands out because of the various different thicknesses available. The best option for exteriors is the 5.6 mm thick version that comes in four colours and is 500x500 mm.

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