Italian ceramic tiles: Research towards comfort and creativity
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Italian ceramic tiles: Research towards comfort and creativity

Italian ceramic tiles: Research towards comfort and creativity
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Over the last few years the Italian ceramic tile industry has gone all out with research and technology to attain top-ranking targets of environmental sustainability regarding the production cycle and the end product. Elimination of harmful materials in the baking process, and optimization of the production cycle have led a numbers of companies achieving environmental certificates EMAS and ISO 14001 (production) and Ecolabel and Leed (products).
As standards of comfort and ambient wellbeing improve, so aesthetic and creative research forges ahead to propose an innovatory and versatile product range helping to establish a “person-centred” culture of home living. In Natura by Fap we have a porcelain stoneware tile that draws on the qualities of natural stone, in this case marble. It comes in square and octagonal forms, gloss and matt finishes, and five different colours.
A series of design tiles combine into surprising carpet-like effects. Some of these decorations can be used as wall tiles. Novabell’s full-depth coloured Supreme collection in porcelain stoneware forms a surface that recalls the texture of an old stone floor of slightly undulating irregular-edged flags.
Three warm soft colours distinguish Palmyra by Cotto d’Este, the porcelain stoneware collection with soluble salts coloured by inkjet. Technology is here integrated by silver-based Microban® which is 99.9% proof against bacteria and makes Palmyra exceptionally hygienic and safe. Wood floors - maple, beech, oak and walnut - are the inspiration for Ontario by Monocibec which has two rectified formats. As well as natural finish, there is grosgrain grip or non-slip grip, both usable out of doors. Laminam’s Linfa again harks back to wood with its dimensions and finishes. Finish and surface treatment give unusual colour shades like ash, cotton, hemp, or warm tones such as bark and coconut. The special format keeps the traditional Laminam length and thin depth, but now offers a new breadth. Midtown by ImolaCeramica, a rectified glazed porcelain stoneware, mixes the wood effect with “atypical” formats (30x60 and 60x60 cm). The six colours - white, dark grey, sand, green, dark green, dark blue - match one another.
New Country by Abk updates an old tradition of decorative materials and techniques. The four different floor and wall tile collections (Patio, Puro, Ricordi and Contemporanea) are designed to mix if required, and are ideal for bringing architecture of the past up to date. Dialoghi by Mosaico+ is an idea where mosaic tiles of different shapes and materials fit together in many new layouts. Wood, stone, metal and glass form original mosaic textures of a highly personalized kind.


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