Italian Ceramic Tiles - Infinite Ways to Clad An Exterior
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Italian Ceramic Tiles - Infinite Ways to Clad An Exterior

Italian Ceramic Tiles - Infinite Ways to Clad An Exterior
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Ceramics of Italy has participated in the project

Ceramic tiles help create continuity between indoors and outdoors, especially by opting for collections that have specific internal and external options. Ceramic tiles that imitate wood take the warmth and colour of this natural material outside, but overcome the notable disadvantages and delicate nature of wood when exposed to the elements over time. Research has really made strides in this field, especially on the aesthetic front, with the nuanced colours of wood, the imperfections and the surface irregularities all being reproduced.
Legend by Ariana draws inspiration from reused wooden panels to create tiles that have that worn, elegant feel of wood. They come in three sizes and two shapes, with R10 and non-slip R11 surfaces (the latter is designed especially for exteriors). It has various colour options for the floor tiles (Grey, White, Sand, Havana, Brown), and three for cladding (Pure, Black & White, Sepia). Club by Cerdomus is another tile with the worn appearance of old wood created by strong colour tone contrasts. Club comes in two sizes (15x60 and 16.5x100 cm) and five colours: Beige, Charcoal, Grey, Tobacco and White. Casalgrande Padana’s Newood collection combines the material look of wood with a slightly raised, iridescent grain. The colour palette favours contemporary designs, with three neutral tones (Black, Grey, White) and five warm hues (Wengè, Brown, Cream, Beige, Ivory). Newood comes in four modular sizes, plus Newood Outdoor (11x90 cm) for exteriors. Docks by FAP allows continuity between indoors and outdoors with Doga Out (22.5x90 cm) and Docks 2.0,
(60x60 cm, 20 mm high), which can be dry installed on gravel, sand or grass, as inspectable raised flooring or glued for driveways. Docks 2.0 comes in three colour options: Natural, Honey and Tobacco. Legno di Ardennes is part of the Edilgres Woodlab collection, which is a range of high performance ceramic tiles that has a number of different wood finishes. It comes in three hues (Canapa, Cenere, Torba), in a natural version and for outdoors (20x120 cm). Marazzi’s Treverk Outdoor is another option for indoor-outdoor continuity. These 10.5 cm ceramic tiles have a wood-like finish, but are also anti-slip and frost resistant. Treverk Outdoor comes in three colours (Beige, Cappuccino, Teak) and two sizes (15x20, 30x120 cm).
Piemme’s Cottage (45x90 cm) comes in four colours: Acacia, Ulivo, Cipresso and Carpino. The Cottage collection has a 20 mm version for outdoor settings, whether as a continuation of the indoor flooring or completely separate. Ceramica Sant’Agostino’s Blendart collection couples the typical grain of wood with a “varnished effect” that reiterates the worn feel of this natural material. Blendart AS 2.0 slabs (40x120 cm) are designed for exterior settings and can be dry laid or installed for raised floors. Nuovocorso’s Kauri combines technological research with aesthetic appeal. It comes in three wood imitations (Dusty, Cinnamon, Umber) in the 20x180 cm format. Kauri slabs use of a specific extruded technology in production that not only reproduces the colour and grain of wood, but also the fibre and porosity. Bio Plank by Lea Ceramiche combines resistance and durability with Microban® antibacterial protection. For outdoor use, it comes in a 12x120 cm option, with a deck finish with non-slip R11 protection. The colour palette includes neutral and stronger colours.

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