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ISY - 10 Years of essentiality

ISY - 10 Years of essentiality
By Editorial Staff -

Designed some ten years ago by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, Isy now comes in new gold, ruthenium and white, black, Madras red lacquered finishes as shown in this settings created by Palomba Serafini Associati. Sleek and simple, Isy faucets have always had eco-sustainability in mind.
Sparing use of materials and energy has always been a major concern, so much so that its designers have always talked of Isy as an exercise in “containment”: removing excess metal, simplification, moving towards an essentiality of line to deliver a flexible, long-lasting system. This was what was behind Isy. And what allows the use of 50% less metal than for a traditional faucet, 30-60% reductions in water delivery, and packaging from completely recyclable materials. To keep things as unfussy as possible the Isy mixer system - patented by Zucchetti - is concealed from view, contained in the washstand surface. Exquisite form, versatility and user-friendly ergonomics are the only things on show!
Spouts and controls all take their cue from the simplest circle shape. Simplifying the manufacturing process also guarantees versatility of application. In fact Isy fits effortlessly into the widest range of environments. In addition, the Isy project has more than 220 different product versions with faucets, fittings and accessories for both bathroom and kitchen.

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