Ironex - Corten steel for architectural cladding
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Ironex - Corten steel for architectural cladding

Ironex - Corten steel for architectural cladding
By Editorial Staff -
Kalikos International has participated in the project

IRONeX is a class A Corten steel cladding that performs excellently indoors and out of doors and is especially suitable for ventilated curtain walls and architectural features exposed to an aggressive atmosphere.
The surface of IRONeX is given a controlled, accelerated oxidation treatment and then passivized. In prolonged exposure to a range of atmospheric conditions this treatment gives IRONeX a uniform resistant patina formed of the alloy element oxides, preventing corrosion from spreading. The process may take from one to four years before the sheet is covered in a brown protective film with pleasing colour shades that vary according to the different elements in its make-up. IRONeX’s high mechanical resistance enables one to reduce the thickness and hence the weight of the sheeting. Resistance to corrosion is ten times that of a normal carbon steel, which cuts down the need for maintenance.
IRONeX is very easy to work: it can be cut, modelled and bent as needed - ideal for a host of architectural and design purposes.
It comes in various finishes: Dark with a wax surface, and Light with a natural unwaxed surface.


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