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Iplus by AGC
By Editorial Staff -

Iplus The low-emissivity products iplus I-Top and iplus Light, both manufactured in Italy, are designed specifically for the Mediterranean climates which have to deal with an abundance of light and heat from the sun.

The 'plus' in our iplus range equates to high thermal insulation, high solar gains and high light transmission. Perfect for home or apartments where the principal purpose is to take in as much light and energy from the sun as possible, these neutral-looking low-emissivity coatings saves energy and money, and provides a more comfortable living space. The iplus coatings also benefit from Its durable surface resists scratches and handling, making it easy to process for industrial applications like ovens and refrigerators.
The products in the iplus range provide a wide range of functions: Thermal insulation, keeps the warmth inside during the winter, without compromising on natural light. Solar control, prevents overheating and maintains excellent thermal insulation (iplus EnergyN) Anti-condensation with single-coated (iplus AF) or double-coated products (iplus AF Top and iplus AF EnergyN)

High thermal insulation which has a positive impact on energy savings, comfort and the environment (iplus Top 1.1, iplus Advanced 1.0, iplus Twin Top, iplus LS)
Versions compatible with the tempering process (iplus Top 1.1T, iplus Advanced 1.0T, iplus LST, iplus EnergyNT) to improve glass safety

Especially suitable for residential applications, iplus coatings are also useful for industrial applications.


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