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io.T - The intelligence of Tecno

io.T - The intelligence of Tecno
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io.T is a smart system of connected furnishings with the capacity for integration with IT systems, devices and hubs, designed to offer information and solution to owners and managers of smart buildings for offices and end users. This information permits improved management of the area, reduction of consumption to a minimum and optimisation of resources.


Main functions of io.T

User authentication The users with NFC or Bluetooth devices (badges, smartphones, tablets, etc.), where they are registered, are identified by io.T, which recognises their profile type (visitor, worker on site, worker off site) and preferences. The system links the person and their requirements to the location and workstation in use.

Access and functionality control io.T interfaces with the company’s access and security control system. The information is exchanged with the database in real time. Access to the rooms and offices is permitted by doors fitted with mechatronic locks that can be opened solely through specific NFC/BT enabled devices. Enablement depends on the various authorizations connected to the user’s profile.

Booking rooms and places io.T interfaces with the room booking system. Information such as date, duration and assignment of places is transmitted to the monitor placed at the entrance. Only the invited participants will be able to access the room and use the services provided by the io.T system.

Temperature, humidity and pressure Tables equipped with io.T feature individual temperature, pressure and humidity sensors, which transmit precise updates on these variables to the control room in real time. The data, in combination with the information on the number and preferences of the users present, provide the Facility Manager with information for optimising the air conditioning.

Lighting io.T tables can be fitted with dedicated light sensors. This makes it possible, by combining the users’ preferences with the data detected by the sensors, to control the individual dimmable lights and provide a customised lighting setting. The system also permits the room to be mapped and optimised ambient lighting. io.T is capable of monitoring the changes in surrounding ambient lighting and natural light within the room in real time.

Connectivity io.T comes set up to operate via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth depending on the specific requirements and existing set-up in the building. io.T operates securely, since it is under the complete control of the settings of the IT Manager.

Services that can be integrated

Desk table: Individual USB sockets for charging phones, tablets, cameras, etc.

Meeting table: USB socket for charging phones, tablets, cameras, etc., for each user. Underksin screen for individual notices.

Meeting rooms: Monitor at entrance of room with room and/or meeting status detail indicators. Smartphone app dedicated to room management. The app permits audio, video, lighting and visual privacy control.

Update capacity The system is open and can be updated and integrated with different protocols. It can be updated locally or remotely.

Information on equipment io.T envisages that all equipped facilities, the tables in particular, have information that can be detected, such as:Model / Date of purchase / Firmware version installed/ Date of last firmware update / Repair and maintenance history / Location / Interaction with warehouse management This data is stored in the memory of the motherboard and can be queried remotely.

Data management (Facility Manager) The Facility Manager can use software to query each io.T workstation remotely, to receive the following information: Operating status of the workstations in real time / Operating status of all individual facilities in real time (desk light, etc.) / Operating status of the equipment in the rooms in real time (video, lights, etc.) / Operating status of the mechatronic locks in real time / Total hours that each table is effectively used / Meeting participant summary file, with personal details, relevant company and other data for which consent has been given / Number of people in a given area at a precise time / Number of hours that meeting rooms are used by the various departments / Monitoring of the usage time and conditions of the furniture in order to permit rational scheduling of maintenance activity / Daily average of free workstations over the year to verify that there are enough to meet requirements / Calculation of the average number of participants in a meeting, in order to verify that the meeting rooms are of an appropriate size / Identification attempt failure count within a room. The data gathered from the presence sensors can be used to identify repeatedly unused workstations, to be repositioned in order to optimise service in areas that are used in greater numbers. The system can report any broken or malfunctioning equipment in real time.

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