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L&L Luce&Light presents INTONO, the new, chameleon-like wall-mounted fixture that blends in with the wall. Thanks to its four available sizes, and single or double beam, INTONO answers the multiple environmental and design needs of today's turnkey projects. The fixture’s body, whose dominant traits are minimalism and elegance, is a slender cylinder connected to the wall by a sinuous double curve. This is a wall lamp for outdoor applications, a smart device that offers sound and the ability to blend with its background, three benefits that are highly valued in high-end outdoor and “turnkey” applications. Blending because, thanks to its neutral and adhering surface, it can be painted with the same finish as the supporting wall: this chameleon-like ability means only the light beam is seen. Smart because it can be made to communicate with smart speakers over Wi-Fi using the ZigBee protocol, one of today’s main communication standards. The ZigBee protocol provides perfect compatibility with home-control systems and scenarios through, for example, the use of Google Home or Amazon Echo devices, which allow you to change lighting scenarios and music with quick voice commands. Last, but not least, INTONO is a “musical” lamp because it can house an audio box to play any kind of sound or music. The aluminium body is available in six standard finishes: white, grey, cor-ten, copper, anthracite, jasper green or with primer (version prepared for on-site painting), while the optical system is protected by high-transmittance, tempered extra-clear glass with a black-serigraphed ring (IP65 and IK08). Specifications: Power LED or COB light source, depending on the version, wattages ranging from 2W to 20W with a 230Vac power supply unit, included, CRI 80 and CRI>90, and a colour temperature of 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. Accessory: anti-glare honeycomb louvre. The company, which has invested its resources in technological research from the start, has designed five different beam apertures for this new wall lamp: in addition to the classic narrow-, medium- and wide-beam optics, there are also a light blade and a wall washer. Each size of INTONO has its own precise apertures, designed to meet every possible planning requirement. With the new INTONO wall lamp, the company, based in Vicenza, Italy, is taking a further step towards integrating lighting into the environment. INTONO is the ideal lighting fixture for grazing, controlled and even playful lighting, composed of an almost invisible source that emits both light and sound, in perfect L&L Luce&Light style.

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