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International Craftsmanship
By Editorial Staff -
Zitturi has participated in the project

Zitturi has solid artisan roots as a carpenter, joiner and cabinet maker. Its special combination of Made in Italy feel and craft excellence, technical and design expertise and proven logistics make it a superb and reliable partner for architects and designers in Italy and abroad. The internationalization of the company was the logical next step built on a number of factors that have ensured those professionals who have taken their design ideas and project drawings to the firm have come away with tangible examples of design, technology and quality.

The design phase is critical to Zitturi as this is when it builds a relationship with a designer, providing useful support and advice in the choice of materials, the design decisions and the technical and structural calculations. The bottom line is that Zitturi makes it possible to produce the required design in harmony with the architect’s desires and spirit. Zitturi might be best known for wood, but it also works skillfully with other materials - stone, iron, glass - to produce perfect and precise furnishings and furniture, starting from the design and continuing right to the assembly and on-site installation phases. Indeed, the building site is another strength of the company. Its logistics organization guarantees deliveries when they are needed, while its skilled workers install and assemble the products precisely and perfectly, ensuring the overall organization, coordination and management of the building site flows seamlessly. The company’s natural international markets are Austria, Switzerland and Germany. It is currently involved in major residential projects in Stuttgart and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and its portfolio includes a number of hotel industry projects in Switzerland. Despite the preponderance of these countries, the company’s structure and approach means geography is no limit as it can supply both products and skilled artisans to just about anywhere, guaranteeing the care, precision and reliability it has built its name on locally.


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