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International Airport Henri Coanda

International Airport Henri Coanda
By Editorial Staff -

The Bucharest international airport was recently extended, little over ten years after being modernised in 1997. In both these Romanian operations Caoduro was the partner chosen for the reliability of its products, the outcome of constant research into plastic roofing materials.
The first operation was to install two arched tunnels, one to cover the passenger transit area, the other a barrel-vault connector from the waiting room to the second floor. For the recent extension Caoduro installed two new flattened-arc polycarbonate tunnels, complete with a horizontal inside drape and vertical end stops: 230m2 of non-stop double-skin series M35 rooflighting, and 34 multi-dome skylights in compact polycarbonate. They also installed 118 smoke and heat extractor devices set into the continuous rooflighting without causing a break in it, and likewise in the multi-dome skylight stretches - all complete with mini Energy group implementers to connect them at long range to the control boxes and smoke-detection units. Lastly, they laid 500m of supporting structure in pre-weathered fitted metal sheeting - well-suited to the curvature of the roof.
Besides its manufacturing expertise, Caoduro provides company assistance right the way through: from the planning stage to manufacturing, installation and after-sales service, not to mention periodic maintenance of its products as per current law.


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