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Intellimix® by IdealStandard | THE PLAN
By Editorial Staff -

Ideal Standard International, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of private and public bathrooms solutions for more than 100 years, has unveiled its latest product innovation at the ISH Fair in Frankfurt, Intellimix®. Intellimix® is a unique smart-mixer tap created in collaboration with Ideal Standard’s design and technology partners around the world to overcome a number of pain points for building owners and washroom users. It is a single point of use tap which provides soap and water together in a hand washing cycle and is both hygienic and cost-effective. For end users, Intellimix® is intuitive and very easy to use. It improves the overall hand washing experience in terms of comfort and efficiency. The smart mixer tap features a touch-free screen that enables the user to select their sequencing preference simply by waving their hand over the product, helping improving efficiency and cleanliness. For building owners, there are in-built capabilities that achieve unprecedented control in terms of total efficiency and cost, as well as vastly improved levels of hygiene and sustainability. The unit is quick and straightforward to service, with an integrated soap container which is easy to replace and avoids the need for a separate dispenser. Exact quantities of water dispense can also be pre-set which reduces waste - saving money with every use - and contributing to overall sustainability. Ideal Standard has also developed an innovative smart servicing mobile application which uses Bluetooth technology to give real-time performance and maintenance data to owners. The app enables users to adjust settings, control parameters, usage and consumption, giving alerts when a refill is needed.

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