Elettrotegola - Integrated photovoltaic system
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Elettrotegola - Integrated photovoltaic system

Elettrotegola - Integrated photovoltaic system
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Founded in 1962, Brianza Plastica initially manufactured fibreglass laminate, over the years becoming roof specialists with particular expertise in thermal insulating systems.
In 2005, the company entered the photovoltaic market with its Elettrotegola panel system designed as an integral part of a pitched roof. Elettrotegola is compatible with any European-type roof tile and can be employed on new-build or renovation worksites. Elettrotegola panels are not placed on top of traditional roof tiles but replace them, affording the same weatherproofing. The highly aesthetic result makes the Elettrotegola system especially suitable for the residential market, particularly up-market housing and regulation-constrained areas like historic city centres. The photovoltaic system can meet as much as 100% of household energy requirements. Each 1470x500x6 mm module comprises 156x156 mm polycrystalline silicon cells vacuum-laminated at high temperature and sandwiched between a texturized front glass, a double EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) insulating layer and a Tedlar protective backing sheet.
Brianza Plastica has now succeeded in increasing Elettrotegola’s energy efficiency by around 10% without increasing occupied surface area.


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