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Velux has participated in the project

As part of its energy saving objectives, the European Union has set goals of 20% renewable energy production, 20% improvement in energy efficiency and a 20% cut in CO2 emissions by 2020. The Integra Velux dynamically operated roof window and Velux Sml blind provide excellent energy efficiency thanks to wireless io-homecontrol technology providing remote control of household equipment and appliances.
The window-blind system combines with io-homecontrol technology to use the greenhouse effect to best advantage during the winter months and disperse heat during the summer thanks to the blind opening-and-closing programme. In summer, raising the blind and opening the window at night will disperse the heat accumulated during the day since the dark night sky absorbs electromagnetic radiation. During the day, the lowered blind acts as a sun screen reducing the greenhouse effect and the need for air conditioning.
In winter, the greenhouse effect is exploited during the day by raising the blind and allowing solar radiation to penetrate the glass, reducing the need for heating. At night, the blind is lowered for total darkness and to reduce the roof window’s thermal transmittance, meaning less heat loss.Fitting a loft with dynamic-control Integra Velux roof windows provides a 30% reduction in annual energy consumption (heating, air-conditioning and artificial lighting).


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