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Ceramics of Italy has participated in the project

Cladding and coating are a fundamental part of architectural design. Their aesthetic value is clear, but they also play a critical role in protecting against the elements and insulating the interior. Röfix has built up a century of experience in high quality construction technology, priding itself on providing top quality products that match up to the most demanding standards. The certified Röfix Inside line of paint and coatings has become one of the company’s flagship product ranges, hence the decision to add two new ones. Röfix Inside Sisicolor is an indoor paint that merges the natural characteristics of potassium silicate and those of siloxanes. The former gives the paint an excellent SD breathable value of 0.03 - four times better than a standard indoor paint. The same element helps prevent mold and damp from spreading, which translates into a sustainable, aging-resistant product. Adding siloxanes makes the paint waterproof, abrasion resistant and easy to apply, with an extensive color palette. Like the other materials in the Inside line, Röfix Inside Sisicolor is certified in class A+ for VOC emissions. This product can be used in numerous instances, such as to add color and decoration to mineral powder and organic surfaces, or to use on substrates such as plasterboard or bright, old paint. The other new addition to Röfix is Inside Monogips, a very thin single-layer paint that, aside from an excellent yield, is ultra white but highly opaque. This solvent and emission free paint is ideal for use on surfaces like plasterboard or panels. Röfix Inside Monogips is the only paint that can be applied directly, without a primer.

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