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INpod Acoustic Boxes

Design and Performance in Privacy

INpod Acoustic Boxes
By Editorial Staff -

The INpod acoustic boxes from vetroIN were designed specifically to provide solutions for the changing and varied needs for privacy and space usage in offices. They produce an acoustically isolated zone that could be perfect for a meeting room, offices, a telephone space or, even more simply, a relaxing, welcoming zone.

Versatile in use and variable in size, these acoustic boxes from INpod guarantee amazing sound performance and multiple potential uses.

At the heart of any project is determining the needs of the users, finding out what their sound insulation requirements are and ensuring the air is properly sanitized. Special sound-absorbing panels reduce any acoustic reverberation and the installation of an active sanitization system that uses photocatalytic oxidation destroys bacteria, viruses, mold and allergens in the air, also reducing the potential for any airborne smells.

Box acustici INpod courtesy vetroIN

At vetroIN, the company vision also places great importance on an eco-sustainable future by protecting the environment through carefully selecting recyclable raw materials, such as aluminum and fiberglass.

The flagships of the INpod line are RoundBox 20 and RoundBox 33 with structural walls made of curved glass with a diameter of 2 and 3.30 m. The defining feature of RoundBox 20 is the opposing, simultaneous movement of the doors, while for RoundBox 33, it is the sliding felt curtains that make it possible to regulate the degree of privacy.

Box acustici INpod courtesy vetroIN

SmartBox is the final one of these office pods, easily identifiable for its lightness and versatility, making it ideal as a modern-day phone booth or a space for one-on-one meetings.

The INpod project is testimony to the methodical precision, the technical skill and the manufacturing excellence that constantly allow vetroIN to update its range of solutions in a merger of design and technology that pushes the boundaries of glass and beyond. This overall corporate performance is now certified, as this company from Brescia has earned ISO 9001 and LEED certification.

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