i.Nova? 11 customized cement families?
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i.Nova? 11 customized cement families?

i.Nova? 11 customized cement families?
By Editorial Staff -
Italcementi has participated in the project
The cement market is a pretty standardised world, but Italcementi has introduced i.nova, a new approach to helping clients choose from a diverse array of products that meet specific construction requirements. The underlying strategy for i.nova is to offer a range of products each meeting different performance specifications and to organise these in an effective, simple manner that makes it easy to work out which one you need. Thus, 11 performance families were identified, encompassing the entire array of Italcementi products, from the classics to the most innovative additions. This reorganisation has greatly streamlined the process of determining which product is needed. These families are: i.work, which covers the classic Italcementi products; i.pro, which are designed for industry professionals, focusing on ease of use; i.tech, durable, safe products; i.speed, fast drying options; i.flow, self-levelling and self-compacting products; i.clime, products for heat insulation; i.sound, those for sound proofing; i.idro, draining products and those to be used in water; i.design, products for creative solutions; i.active, products based on TX Active, which is self-cleaning and pollution resistant; i.light, transparent products. The “i.” is not only a reference to Italcementi, but also the code that identifies the name of each performance family. Each product is associated with a performance family and a name that indicates the specific product line. The combination of these two names uniquely identifies each product, unambiguously showing where it is in the entire Italcementi range. To search for a product, one can use the performance family, if one wants to get an overview of all the products that meet certain specifications, or the product line, if one wants to see all the different “performance areas” covered by a specific product. The graphic for i.nova is a spiral, with a different colour for each of the 11 performance families. The i.nova project has radically changed the company’s marketing material and approach, with a new brochure, technical specifications and website (www.i-nova.net). The latter is now far more akin to an electronic product catalogue that gives one a complete overview of how cement can be used and the best solution’s for one’s design and construction needs.

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