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Innovative Solutions from Europe to North America

By Editorial Staff -
Limestone Economics has participated in the project

Virtually across the entire USA, the construction industry continues to grow rapidly, but this is coupled by an ever-greater demand for innovative solutions. European firms that operate in North America are working hard trying to keep up with these changes by constantly developing and offering new products and services. The following provides a taste of some of the most interesting ones. 
Xinnix Door Systems is a company based in Belgium, specializing in producing frames for “invisible” doors that integrate perfectly into the wall. Xinnix Door Systems has simplified the process of manufacturing and installing flush sliding, hinged and pivot doors. Created in aluminum, their systems use the latest hardware components for interior doors, including concealed hinges, magnetic locks, seals and door closers. 
Terno Scorrevoli, based in Italy, has over 70 years of experience in the design and production of sliding mechanisms for interior doors, furniture and windows, produced in a wide array of materials and finishings, with innovative features that help create and customize interior design solutions. Innovation is a cornerstone of Terno Scorrevoli, as shown by its many patented products. 
IALC Serramenti is another Italian company. It designs and produces windows, curtain walls and aluminum and stainless-steel envelopes for use in the residential, commercial and business sectors. IALC Serramenti optimizes the technical potential of profiles for high quality windows combining aesthetics, innovation and technology, while drawing on its 50 years of experience in this market. 
Limestone Economics supports these three companies to promote their products in the US market. Based in the state of Indiana (USA), Limestone Economics specializes in business development services for European companies looking to enter the North American market or to grow there, through new development plans and strategic collaborations. 

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