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?Innovation and sustainability
By Redazione The Plan -
Valcucine has participated in the project
What does it mean for a company to be sustainable? To ensure the concept of sustainability is not merely “green-washing”, it must go hand-in-hand with research advancements and innovation designed to constantly improve products and industrial processes. There is no such thing as green products per se as all human activity has an impact on the environment. But, this does not mean eco-friendly principles are illusions. Reducing materials, recycling, reusing and cutting down on toxic emissions, while ensuring long lasting, beautiful products are fundamental environmental goals to aspire to. Valcucine has chosen to go down just such a path, focusing its research and development on innovative products that reduce the use of resources and open up recycling avenues. Since the corporate slogan is “We have a dream, a waste free world”, such an approach is perfectly coherent. The Artematica kitchen is an example of this. The cupboard doors were designed and developed to minimise the use of raw materials and allow as much recycling as possible. In a logical progression from the first generation of just-in time doors with concealed aluminium frames and a 5 mm HPL layer , the next step was to produce 100% recyclable glass doors with no visible hinges or frames. Artematica then developed Ricicla, a cupboard door with a 2 mm aluminium frame, and Riciclantica, made with a 2 mm aluminium panel. Innovation at Valcucine translates into the desire to use materials carefully. This is why Invitrum - the 100% recyclable cupboard bases with no formaldehyde emissions - was created. These bases do not require double sides and at the end of their lifecycle they can be disassembled and reused or recycled. Since responsible forest management is a load-bearing pillar for environmental protection, Valcucine only uses wood from FSC certified forests in its kitchens and it is committed to replacing the timber used by planting new trees. With the Meccanica system - bearing the demode engineered trademark by Valcucine - and the Invitrum bases, Valcucine created the first design kitchens based on the principles of circular economy. Emphasis is placed on limiting the production of waste and solving, at least to some degree, the problem of raw material sourcing. The company also issues a guarantee undertaking to collect and dispose of the kitchen furniture at the end of its lifecycle. “Kitchen Becomes Open!” is the next project in the pipeline, built on shared innovation, open source design and distributed manufacturing.

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