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By Editorial Staff -
Velux has participated in the project

In March and April 2018, YouGov, a market research company active in 23 countries, conducted an online survey about people’s living and working conditions. Commissioned by Velux, the survey involved a sample of 16,000 people living in Europe and North America. The results painted a worrying picture of how people ignore the amount of time they spend in closed, unhealthy environments, with the resultant consequences. The data suggests 90% of the population spends 22 hours a day indoors (homes, schools, offices, public buildings, etc.), although people generally believe they spend less time indoors, with 82% thinking it is less than 21 hours and 62% that it is less than 18 hours. The “Indoor Generation” spends almost all its time in closed, toxic environments, without realizing it. It is not uncommon for the air indoors to be five times more polluted than outdoors. To protect ourselves from the outside, we have closed ourselves off in unhealthy environments that are polluted by the materials they are built and cleaned with, and filled with plastic. This is without even factoring in dampness and lack of natural light. Recent studies have shown how a lack of adequate lighting can have a serious impact on circadian rhythms, and this leads to mood swings, sleep disorders and decreased intellectual performance. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a good example of this. If an environment is damp, it increases the risk of asthma and can have a negative impact on our breathing apparatus. Velux has taken it on itself to make people aware of what is happening. It has commissioned a short film - Indoor Generation - directed by Martin de Thrah that takes us on a journey of how our generation is moving increasingly away from nature. The goal is to encourage people to make small changes in their everyday lives that can alter the end of the story told in the film by the girl narrator.

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