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Inbuilt Vocal Control

The Voice of a Smart Home

Inbuilt Vocal Control
By Editorial Staff -
Vimar has participated in the project

Vimar’s new inbuilt vocal control system is an elegant option that, sitting almost flush against the wall, revolutionizes the concept of touch panels, home automation and smart homes. Using Alexa technology, this new voice command device integrates perfectly into any environment, increasing user comfort and providing a more intuitive solution for everyone, including young children. A simple word can be used to turn on or off the lights in different rooms, roll up or lower the blinds, open the curtains or even adjust the air conditioning settings. Through integration with other compatible devices and using a building’s digital infrastructure, this device really opens up a world of scenarios for a home, from how one reads to how one wakes up, and from how one watches TV at night to how one listens to music.

The integrated Wi-Fi and Mesh Bluetooth 5.0 means this system can work with smart View Wireless systems and By-me Plus home automation systems. In practical terms,
it has two programmable electronic
micro-switches with adjustable backlighting and a relay to control the lights. The four central buttons are for the voice assistant, specifically volume (increase or decrease), microphone and action. To check a command has been correctly received, an animated guide ring visually signals correct receipt.

This new solution fits most environments as it comes in four colors - White, Anthracite Grey, Next and Metal - and it can be coordinated with Vimar’s three main wiring series: Eikon, the epitome of the search for luxury and elegance in each of its four lines, Arkè, a symbol of simplicity, and Plana, an essential, rigorous line with an ergonomic design. The new voice command system can be fitted in renovations or new builds and its minimal essential lines have become such a strong point that it took home the Iconic Award 2021. The device merges technology and design to suit any environment, adding to both the esthetics and user comfort.

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