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Light Becomes Architecture

Philippe Starck

By Editorial Staff -
Flos has participated in the project

The In Vitro collection of outdoor lights, designed by Philippe Starck for Flos, has a series of blown-glass lanterns that illuminate the darkness, creating a magical, charming atmosphere. The lights merge advanced technology, an essential component in providing suitable lighting comfort, with a highly evocative, romantic feel. In the designer’s own words: “Since forever, the lightbulb is protected by a glass globe. Today, this disappears in favor of the light. It is both the poetic and surrealistic idea of dematerialized architectural lighting and the memory of the space occupied by the light”. 
Each light has an elongated, extruded aluminum casing and a domed borosilicate glass pendant that has a flat, circular LED panel at the top. In Vitro lights add a touch of elegance to any space, from a home to a hotel, from an outdoor area to the interior of a monument, but at the same time they are highly practical. The painstaking design process, in which every detail was considered, means these lights are architectural volumes in their own right, despite their transparency. Far more than “mere” furnishing accessories, In Vitro lights become defining elements of a space, illuminating yet not distorting. Their diaphanous, evanescent nature exalts architectural designs, adding to both refurbishment projects and new creations. 
The collection has a variety of sizes and models. For example, the bollard version is installed on the floor and comes in three height versions, but there are also wall- and ceiling-mounted versions, the latter also in a hanging option. 
The most recent addition to the range is In Vitro Unplugged that is designed to be used as a table lamp and so has no plugs or cables, with a simple USB socket to recharge it. It is also lightweight to make it easier to move around, with a silicon handle that integrates an optical sensor to regulate light intensity with a single touch. 
In Vitro products come in 2,700K and 3,000K color temperatures, while the light source has embedded Edge Lighting technology to provide softer, more diffused light. The powder-coated aluminum structure comes in seven finishings to ensure it fits seamlessly into the chosen outdoor environment. In Vitro lights produce warm, suggestive lighting and translate a unique design vision into an extensive range of timeless, high-performance models. 

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