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In the name of modern architecture: 4F, the new curtain wall by Secco

Secco Sistemi

Edited By Redazione The Plan - 2 July 2015

The Venetian company will introduce the innovative curtain wall system 4F. Façade, Fenestration, Fixture, Fire – to sum up the functions and performances of a new tool at the service of contemporary architecture, studied in the most minute technical and aesthetic details.

Minimalism, verticality and transparency. To meet these requirements from the architectural world, Secco Sistemi has studied 4F, the new curtain wall system. It offers the architect an innovative tool to design a curtain wall with a contemporary look and excellent performances certified by the internal laboratory Secco Lab and ift Rosenheim.

The curtain wall becomes more elegant thanks to the new connection system for mullions and transoms that conceals all the accessories. Even gaskets become invisible thanks to a specific profile design. The four noble materials that identify Secco ‘s excellence are available: galvanized steel, stainless steel, corten and brass for the external part and galvanized steel, stainless steel, corten for the internal part.

Thanks to 4F, the architect is offered great creative freedom to design a custom-made curtain wall and all the technical aspects are granted thanks to a certification of all performances. Six different profiles are available with different shapes and dimensions and they have a narrow profile face only 50 mm wide granting thus great flexibility and customization. The windows are also completely integrated in the façade because they are studied and designed together and produced in the same materials. All Secco OS2 and EBE windows can be inserted in the 4F curtain wall for a complete harmony. The system allows to fit in fenestrations up to 7 sqm for a maximum weight of 500 kg. Everything is made easier by Secco that studies, customizes, produces and certifies all it systems. All 4F technical performances in terms of thermal insulation, water tightness, wind resistance and break-in resistance are optimal.

Furthermore the system thanks to specific accessories and gaskets, can guarantee fire resistance in various degrees: E30 and EI30/60/90 to meet the most demanding requirements from the market. The system certified by ift Rosenheim has been designed and developped in SeccoLab, the internal laboratory of the Venetian company at the service of architecture.