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Icarus by Gattoni
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Gattoni Rubinetteria’s Icarus stands for a new concept of tap, to be considered not just as a single item but an object made of two separate parts, perfectly blended together and functional to one another. A harmonious combination of “body” and “motor”, suggesting a concept of “body” and “mind”. The simply beautiful outer shell houses a cylindrical space for its components.
The water flow and temperature regulation lever is connected to the body with a sealing gasket that ensures smooth movements through time and prevents inner leakages.
The sinuously shaped spout produces an intense and full-bodied water flow thanks to a specially concealed anti-tampering aerator. The small plastic wrench included with every single tap enables to clean the aerator grid preventing deposits of limestone and debris. The aerator optimizes the water flow by mixing air with water, saving of up to 30% of water while at the same time ensuring a smooth intense flow with no splashes.
The Ø 25 mm (1”) washbasin cartridge is composed by sintered ceramic disks, laboratory-tested for up to 80,000 open/close cycles. It supplies 12 litres of water per minute, suitable for an optimal use. Bathtubs and showers are equipped with a Ø 35 mm (1.37”) cartridge for a 20 litres per minute flow.
The name of this new series of single lever mixers, Icarus, draws its name from Icaro‘s mythological wings, even though, it is just the name that recalls the legend, as the design of this tap is based on a true and contemporary market demand which the company Technical Department company is well aware of.
In case of maintenance or service for replacement of inner parts, Gattoni Rubinetteria has devised a system that enables immediate direct intervention on the mixer without need to disassemble it from the support surface. Stiff necks will no longer be a problem for plumbers and installers. The entire body of the tap can be slipped off from its housing.
All Icarus items are equipped with a “body” and a “motor”, except the built-in shower/bathtub mixers. The 60” (15,2 cm) single-lever washbasin and the 120” (30,4 cm) “tall” mixer are available with or without the waste; bidet mixers with or without waste; exposed shower mixer with high-set or low-set spout; exposed bathtub mixer; exposed bathtub mixer with duplex shower. For this model, Gattoni Rubinetteria has designed an additional innovative feature which becomes a functional and aesthetical plus: the hand shower side support acting also as water diverter.

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